Phoenix, a reference to the “mythical bird associated

This young athletic shoe company was living in the shadows of several larger companies and looking to make it big in the sneaker word. But this fledgling company needed a shoe that would place them sqaurely in the mainstream of the sneaker marketplace. What they needed was a shoe that would create a strong prescence and shape a credible identitiy for their company.

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cheap nba jerseys The 6 week old cubs received a clean bill of health from SCBI’s veterinarians 5/20! They checked their mouths, eyes, hearts, lungs, bellies + administered vaccines.The potential names were selected from suggestions that came from the zoo, the institute and the zoo’s membership group, Friends of the National Zoo. Officials said the winning names will be announced Thursday.The name choices for the female cub are:Amabala, which is Zulu for spots.Vivace, a musical term that means short, lively and brisk.Iambe, one of the two daughters of the mountain nymph Echo in Greek mythology.For the males, the name suggestions are:Jabari, which is Swahili for “fearless” or “brave one.”Hasani, which is also Swahili and means handsome.Phoenix, a reference to the “mythical bird associated with the sun that regenerates or is otherwise born again from its own ashes,” as the zoo describes it.Erindi, which is a “protected reserve in Namibia where many cheetahs are rereleased.”Tolbo, which is Mongolian and means “spot.”The female cheetah cub born to Echo in April. cheap nba jerseys

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