Parker reckons that Brown’s latest outburst just

To me, this is a form of terrorism and it is hysterical, not reasonable, thinking. When some high profile person such as Kelly is fired because they have said something that blacks interpret as racism, it sends a chilling message to all white people. White people have been in terror of saying the wrong thing about black people because of such incidents.

Bieber joined Grande on stage for three songs during her concert and although the two were dancing flirtatiously, Bieber got a little handsy as they performed ‘As Long As You Love Me’. Towards the end of the song, Bieber called Grande over and, standing behind her, started to wrap his arms around her. Grande looks distinctly uncomfortable with Bieber’s move and quickly removes herself from his embrace.

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Some recipes call for bourbon (why not?), others add a pecan topping, but you can’t go wrong with a classic sweet potato pie. Head down to Sweet Potatoes (Well Shut My Mouth!!) a Restaurant in Winston Salem for a slice. Extra points if you eat it while listening to the eponymous James Taylor song.

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