“My parents, I am asking you to let girls play

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cheap nfl jerseys “And we shall proceed to Juba and defeat the girls there and raise our Aweil flag.”For the UNMISS peacekeepers, it is an opportunity to strengthen their relationship between them and the people of Aweil.”We took it upon ourselves to support you by providing you with various food items,” says Lieutenant Colonel Felix Kweku Mautsueni, commander of the Ghanaian military contingent. “We wish you well and hope you perform very well in the tournament in Wau,” he says, while handing over the items to the young female footballers.These girls are defying traditional norms that have deemed playing football a taboo for women in Aweil. For Abuk Maradona it is important to play football for physical fitness, and so she takes this opportunity to challenge those traditional norms.”My parents, I am asking you to let girls play football,” she says. cheap nfl jerseys

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